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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Food Lion (10/21 sale)

I stepped into Food Lion to stock up on some meat. I have plenty of wiggle room in my budget from not shopping for 1 1/2 months so I will probably go over my budget this week due to the meat sales.

I also splurged on a few special items this week which I normally don't do. You definitely have to reward yourself, at some point, with the things that you love to have! Just do it sparingly!

Tip: When I am running low on meat I try to cut back on my spending prior weeks to ensure that I do not go over my monthly budget! Then I just simply wait for some good meat sales and stock up. Plus I like to always have a little extra money to spare for those manager specials I always run into! Every penny counts!

Here is what I bought...

2 packs of Food Lion Hamburger Buns @ $.59 each
Used: $1/2 FLIP here
Price: $.18 for both packs or $.09 each!

1 dozen eggs @ $1.19
Used: $1/1 FLIP here
Price: $.19

Tip: I plan to go back today to get another carton but I noticed that the advertised price on the shelf was $1.09 not $1.19. I will see if it's the same way today and if it is I will bring that to their attention. Not sure if they have a scan right guarantee like the other stores do. Does anyone know?

3 pks of ground beef (@ $.98/lb) $18.31 for a little over 15 lbs of meat!

Cucumber @ $.69 (needed this for pasta salad that I made for my husband to take to work)

1/2 gallon of milk @ $1.59

Carton of orange juice @ $2.69

1 pk of dinner rolls on manager special for $.89 (we just love these things)

Crisco Extra Lite Olive Oil: Closeout @ $3.44
Used: $1/1 coupon
Price: $2.44

Tip: This is a great price for olive oil. It just so happened that there was a $1/1 coupon in a rectangle smartsource box right next to the crisco olive oil with the $1/1 coupon in it! Keep an eye out at your store and stock up!

Heinz Ketchup @ $2.49 (40oz)
Used: $.75/1 from the 10/4 SS insert
Price: $1.75

Tip: I overlooked the fact that he FLIP here was a manufacturer coupon so I was unable to stack the coupons. When I head over to Publix this week I will check the price there! Heinz almost never has coupons let alone 2 that you can stack at a store to get $1.25 off of one bottle! I will report back! This stuff is our favorite and one of the few things that we won't budge on as far as name brand goes (just personal preference). Time for me to stock up on this!

Food Lion Raspberry Preserves (for a cake that my husband has requested that I make)
Price: $2.99

Total Before Savings & Coupons: $63.12
Total After Savings & Coupons: $32.12

Be sure to check out my post here with a scenario for feeding a crew of 10 for less than $8!


Together We Save said...

Wow - great deal!! I wish I had a Food Lion in my little town. They have some great store coupons.

Coupon Teacher said...

I am going to food lion later. Thanks for the tip on the olive oil. I will have to look out for some!

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