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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walmart Shopping Trip: Coupons that pay for produce!

This weekend we are having a "Taco Bar" Extravaganza with family and friends (I'll share more details and recipes later!).

I needed a ton of produce for this shindig so I headed out to our local Walmart. Most of the time I shop at various stores each week for their produce sale items. This time I didn't have time to run around (I actually skipped shopping for the week to have extra money put back in my budget for meat in the next few weeks)...so I decided that I would purchase a few items that would give me overage and pay for most of my produce!

I agree that coupons very rarely come out for produce (except at Publix) but there are other ways to have coupons pay for these items. If your local Walmart or Publix (maybe even Target?) allows you to receive overage from manufacturer coupons then you too can do deals like this! (Each store is different so please check with your local managers before assuming that you will receive the overage!)

Here is what I bought...

10 Adams Flea Collars for Dogs @ $.97 each ($9.70)
12 Pull-Ups Flushable Moist Wipes @ 1.64 each ($19.68)
6 Avocados @ $.68 each ($4.08)
4 Heads of Lettuce @ $.94 each ($3.76)
3.41 lbs of bananas @ $.39/lb ($1.33)
2 pks of Flour Tortillas @ $1.98 each
1 pk of Corn Tortillas @ $3.54
4.95 lbs of Roma Tomatoes @ $1.08/lb ($5.34)
2 Granny Smith Apples @ $.99
2 Red Apples @ $1.28
2.02lbs of Grapes @ $1.98
1 lb of Strawberries @ $1.98
2 Cucumbers @ $.94
3 bunches of Cilantro @ $2.52
2 Lemons @ $.76

Total before coupons: $61.84

Here are the coupons I used...
10 $3/1 Adams Flea & Tick Coupons (these coupons gave me $2.03 in overage each for a total of $20.30 in overage!) (from the 8/30 RP insert)
6 $3/2 Pull-Up Wipes coupons (made them $.14 each) (Does anyone know where this coupon came from? I couldn't find it in the HCW database! I do know that I have had them since sometime in the summer.)

A total of $48 in coupons were used in this trip!

Total After Coupons: $15.52 with tax!

This was an awesome trip. If I weren't behind a couple of weeks with my coupon organizing (which I don't recommend) I would have had the energy to grab a few more coupons for other freebies at Walmart but I was just too plum tuckered out (I stayed up very late painting and woke up really early!). I may make another trip within the next couple of weeks! I have more Adams and Huggies coupons that I would love to use!

Stay tuned for more details on the "Taco Bar" Extravaganza! Feeding a crew of 21 on the cheap...and having fun too!

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