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Friday, November 13, 2009

Kroger: Coupons Found In-Store 11/11/09

One of my many coupon resources are the coupons found in each store that I shop at. I thought that it would be a neat idea to share those coupons each week...as I find them.

Hopefully this will help you keep an eye out for similar coupons in your store...and to show you how plentiful the stores are when it comes to coupons!

I will break them down into categories so that you will know what you are looking for! Keep in mind that even though these coupons were found in my Kroger you may also be able to find them in your local stores. The manufacturer's ship around the U.S. and release coupons at the same time.

Here is what I found at Kroger this week...

Blinkies: All blinkies are found by products themselves
$1/1 Ceasar dog treats
$1/1 TrueNorth Nut Snacks
$.55/1 Act Popcorn
$1/3 BirdsEye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Vegetables & Pasta
$1.50/2 packages of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$.55/1 My. Olive Product
$1/2 Hungry Jack Potatoes
$1 off of any 5.5 oz Rice Works snack
Buy 2 Sun Liquid Detergants Get 1 Free
$.55/1 Breakstone's Sour Cream
$1/2 packages of Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts

$.55/1 Simply Potatoes (on Simply Potatoes packaging)
$.75/1 EGGS WYB 17.5oz Betty Crocker Cookie Mix (found on eggs)

Tear Pads:
$1/1 jar of Tostitos dip WYB any 2 bags of Tostitos (found by chips)
$1/1 WASA Crackers (found on display in Health area)
$1/1 Back To Nature Nuts or Trail Mix (found by product on shelf)
$1 off chicken WYB 1 Velveeta & 2 cans of Ro*Tel tomatoes (found on velveeta display)
$.50/1 10oz Lea&Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (found on display by meat freezer)

Hangtags: (the ones on products with strings)
$1/1 Polaner All Fruit or Sugar Free Jelly
$1/2 Smucker's Jams, Jellies, Preserves, or Fruit Spreads
$1/1 25oz or larger Biz laundry detergent

Wine Tags: (the ones that hang on the neck of bottles w/out strings)
$1/2 bottles of Buffalo Style Chicken Wing BBQ Sauce
$1/4 2-liter bottles of Sprite/Sprite Zero/Fresca/Vault/Mello Yellow
$1/1 Ocean Spray Drink Mix in a 1.1oz box (these were found on the Ocean Spray 64oz juices)
$1/1 Oxi Clean Versatile powder 56oz or larger
$1/1 Ken's 16oz dressing (these were on the Creamy Balsamic bottles but can be used on any Ken's dressing!)

I know that ethics will come up in these posts...it always does! I personally have spoken to many grocery store managers, corporate offices, and district managers regarding the issue of taking coupons if you aren't going to purchase the product right then and there!

The verdict...IT IS OK! Each store manager, district manager, and corporate office all say the same thing...you are more than welcome to take as many as you like..that is what they are there for! They do, however, frown on those that come in repeatedly taking every coupon in sight. I even spoke to one manager that felt obligated to call a coupon user out for this after witnessing her doing this time and time again...she never did it again as far as they knew!

Here's something that you may not know...Manufacturer's and store put coupons out 9 times out of 10 when the product is not on sale as a way to entice you to purchase the item (marketing tactic). When you see ANY coupon in ANY store I will bet you a cart of groceries that within 2 - 3 weeks (definitely before the coupon expires) that this item will hit its rock bottom sale price! I have seen this happen week after week after week and can almost guarantee it. This is why I take a few coupons when I see them...not to use them immediately but to wait for the sale if it's a product that I use!

NOW...this is where coupon ethics plays a huge role! My ethics may not be the same as yours and yours may not be the same as others. There will be some that agree with me and some that don't...either way we believe that we are right in our minds and that's what matters...for those of you who disagree we can just settle on agreeing to disagree!

If there are 10 boxes of cereal with $1 off peelies on them....I would rather you not take all of them (this is being greedy)! 2 -4 should be good enough! If there are only 2 boxes left with the peelies on them take one or both of them...it's up to you!

If there is a brand new tear pad...I would rather you not pull the entire pad off and place it in your pocket/purse/binder etc (this is being greedy). If it's brand new (most have a minimum of 50 coupons on them) it's ok to even take 10....just not the whole thing! You can take as many as you want...depending on how many is left! If there are only 2...take them...if there are 10 take 2 or 3...this is completely up to you!

The same goes for winetags and hangtags...take in moderation!

Coupon Booklets/Brochures/etc: This is a huge pet peeve of mine...especially in Publix. Every time a coupon booklet comes out (most recently the Jingle coupon booklet) they get wiped out! There obviously is some addiction to this method. Maybe it's because they fear that someone else will get more than them or whatever!

Most of the time I end up having to trade another coupon user for any of these books because someone has wiped them out! That's not cool and definitely not ethical!

When you look at my shopping trips there are times that you may see me with multiples of the same item. #1: If I purchase more than 5 of an item I order them through the grocery manager in advance to be sure not to wipe the shelves clean! #2: If you ever see me with more than 10 of an item (I get 10 papers) I have either traded coupons with multiple traders or purchased them from a clipping service or eBay!

Just my 2 cents on ethics...again I don't mean to offend anyone...if you view things differently that is ok but I think that most of you may agree that taking in moderation is ok! Taking all of them is not!

If you found any great coupons in your local store let us know! Leave a comment and share the knowledge!


Ron said...

I must say THANK YOU for giving this ethics lesson. It appears some could have used restraint on the Glade Tin candles as every store I went to, the coupon on the inside was gone. I can understand using the coupon on the one you purchase, but to take all of them and not purchase them when they are on sale already? Consideration in not being greedy is appreciated. I appreciate your honesty.

Lissa said...

I'm glad you wrote! I definitely agree that actually opening a product to take a coupon out is a no no. I have seen where people have done this also!

I constantly see little white film all over products while I am out shopping! (from peelies being pulled off!)

I don't think that this is something that will ever go away completely but hopefully if we talk about it enough people may consider thinking twice before they do it!

Anonymous said...

You said the managers gave you the OK to take coupons from products you weren't buying. Were you only refering to blinkie coupons or peelies, too? I'm curious if they said it would be okay to take peelies if you weren't buying it. I would love to be able to do that, but I've never done it.

Anonymous said...

I order coupons and I have paid for these so-called free (Wine Tags, blinkies, hang tags,tear pads and peelies.

Suz said...

Thanks for mentioning the peelies.

I too take a few now and then, but only on items I know I will use and only a few. I always want to leave some for the next poor soul that comes along and likes to use coupons because I hope the person ahead of me would do that too!

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