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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Wagreens: Getting the hang of it all!

You all know that I am new to shopping at Walgreens and I have to say that I am not the least bit disappointed.

This is the first week that I have tried their Register Reward Program and I am pretty happy with it!

Here is what I bought...

Transaction #1
1 Bayer Contour Meter @ $14.99
Used: $14.99 coupon
Price: FREE
Received $5 RR for purchase!
Saved $79.99!

Transaction #2
Brach Santas @ $1.50

Cookie @ $.99 (because the cashier asked so nicely! was a contest for them to sell the most!)

9 Ocean Spray Juices @ $1.99 each
Used: $1/1 Peelies on product
Stacked with $1/1 November Coupon Booklet coupon
Price: FREE
Yes...I left plenty on the shelves! They had about 30 bottles with the coupons on them!

2 Baking Clabber Girl Baking Powder @ $.99
Used: In-Ad Coupon that made them $.50 each
Stacked with: $.50/1 IP coupons from here
Price: FREE

Walgreens 32oz Honey @ $7.49
Used: In-Ad coupon making it only $3.99 (cheap for honey)
Price: $3.99

CornStarch @ $.99
Used as filler

Also used a $5/$25 coupon in-ad!

Total Before Coupons and Sales: $54.28
Total After Coupons and Sales: $2.42
Total Savings: $51.86

Transaction #3

3 Tylenol Cold @ $4.99 each
Used: 3 - $2/1 IP coupons
Stacked with 1 - $1/1 Tylenol Cold coupon from the Healthy Savings Booklet (took off $3)

1 Sudafed @ $5.99
Used: $2/1 coupon

2 Jiffy Corn Meal Mix @ $.79 each
2 Seasonings @ $.99 each
Used: In-Ad coupon making them $.50 each

1 box of raisins and 1 box of dried cranberries @ $1 each

OK this one was weird. I had no trouble with using the $5/$25 coupon in the second transaction but this one gave us trouble.

I was able to use the $5/$25 coupon but only when we didn't ring up the sesonsing in-ad coupon. I had an equal amount of products to coupons and I wasn't going negative. We used a different $5/$25 coupon.

The cashier was boggled too! We scanned everything and scanned the $5/$25 first. Once we started taking off the manufacturers coupon the $5/$25 coupon kept voiding itself out once the total went below $25! We rang this transaction up about 4 times trying to figure out why it was doing it! The manager couldn't even figure out what was going on! Finally we ended up using all of the coupons except one of the in-store coupons.

Total Before Savings & Coupons: $30 even
Total After Saving & Coupons: $6.81
Received $10 RR towards next purchase! Profit of $3.19!

Not too bad for my first RR run! I hope to become a pro here like I have at CVS! I would love to be able to go in paying less than $1 each time like I do at CVS!

Both the cashier and the manager were super nice...I love that!


Tracy Kosofsky said...

Congrats!!!!! Walgreens is my favorite place to shop - I am rolling about $90 worth of RRs and I usually spend about $5 a week out of pocket. You can get such amazing deals!

Anonymous said...

FYI -Normally with Walgreens their $5/$25 is worded so that after coupons your total has to be at least $25 and then it will take off the $5. Your total can't go below $25 or else the coupon won't work.

It's good that they let you use them both times though! Generally Walgreens is not too nice about coupons.

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