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Sunday, January 15, 2012

29 Food Lion Stores In Georgia Are Closing

29 Food Lion grocery stores are closing in Georgia. You can read the Atlanta Journal Constitutions article here for more details.

Here in Warner Robins, GA. Our local Food Lion stores (located on Watson Blvd. and Moody Road) are closing.

On January 18, 2012 the entire store will be 25% off.

I spoke to managers at both of the stores and the stores will be closing on February the 18th. I also verified that these stores will continue to accept manufacturer and Food Lion store coupons through the closing.

Couponing Tips:
Food Lion does not double coupons. They are redeemable at face value ONLY!
Each store has the right to restrict how many of the same coupon can be used in one transaction so please verify this information with your local store.

For most of us coupon users 25% off isn't that great of a deal but it can be depending on what you buy.

As of January the stores will NOT be restocking any items and will no longer be receiving delivery trucks. Meat prices have already began to drop (are currently at 10%) and will drop each day over the next few days. After 3 or 4 days all fresh meat items will more than likely be wiped out.
Items will go fast at 25% but when it hits 50% you will see most of the store wiped out. Have your target prices in mind when shopping a sale of this nature and please stick to your budget. Stock up where needed and be mindful of getting "caught up" in the sale!

Key items to look for that rarely go below 15-20% off at this particular grocery store are...

Baby Products (diapers, wipes, bath&body, etc)
Plastic product (cups, silverware, etc)
Grilling Products (lighter fluid, charcoal, etc)
Paper Products (napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, etc)
Specialty Products (authentic mexican food items, rare food products such as olive tapenade, certain relishes, jellies, preserves, etc.)
Bottled Water
...and so much more!

Have your coupons ready! The stores clearance prices will drop as needed. Eventually the store will be 90% off just before closing.

Good Luck!

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