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Monday, January 5, 2009

Publix Shopping Trip!

Here are the greatest deals that you can get this week!

Sorry no pictures this time (I have misplaced my USB connector cord during an early spring cleaning!LOL)

Total (before sales and coupons): $117.43

Here is what I bought...

5 Bags of Publix Classic Blend Salad (.99 each)and 1 2-pk. of garlic (.69)
Used Food Lion $2 off of $5 produce coupons stacked with $3 off of any CVS Brand Product coupon.
Price after coupons .64 FOR ALL OF THIS!

1 Dozen Publix Brand Eggs $1.35
Used $1/1 Food Lion Internet Printable for store brand eggs
Price: .35

2 bags of Totino's Pizza Rolls @ $3.79 for both
Used 2 $1/1 Internet Printable coupons stacked with 2 $1/1 Target Printable Coupons
Price: FREE after using both coupons stacked

2 bottles of Tabasco Sauce @ $1.49 each
Used 2 $1/1 Coupons
Price: .99 for both

2 Boxes of Lucky Charm @ $1.99 each
Used $1/2 Internet Printable
Price: $1.45 each

2 boxes of Post Trail Mix Crunch @ $2.10 and $2.09 (BOGO)
Used 2 $2/1 Internet Printable coupons
Price: .19 FOR BOTH BOXES!

6 Boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes 3@ .79 and 3@ .80
Used 4 .40/1 internet printables doubled and 2 .35/1 manufacturer coupons doubled
Price: .20 for ALL 6 Boxes

2 Boxes of Hamburger Helper @ $1.59 each
Used 2 FREE Product Peelies found at Kroger on BC Potatoes (buy 3 B.C. potatoes and get free box of H.H)
Price: FREE for both boxes

4 boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes @ $1.35 and $1.34 each (BOGO)
Used: 4 - .50/1 manufacturer coupons doubled
Price: $1.38 for all 4 boxes

2 boxes of Kellogg's Pop Tarts @ $1.09 and $1.10 (BOGO)
Used 2 $1/1 Peelies found on product
Price: .19 for 2 boxes

1 12-pk of Dr. Pepper @ $4.69 (Ouch!)
Used $2/1 Food Lion Printable Coupon
Price: $2.69

1 pk of Solo Paper Plates (44 count) @ $2
Used .75/1 Peelie found on product last week
Price: $1.25 (which was compared to the Publix store brand and cheaper!)

2 tins of Altoids @ $2.09 each
Used $2.09/2 Advantage coupon from yellow Publix Flier stacked with 2 $1/1 Peelies found on product
Price: .09 for both!

1 Clorox Bleach @ $1.69
Used .50/1 Kroger mailer coupons doubled
Price: .69

2 Smart Balance Pop Corn @ $1.66 each
Used 2 $1/1 coupons from inside previous purchased product
Price: .66 each

2 Orvile Pop Corns @ $1.43 and $1.42 each
Used 2 $1/1 Manufacturer coupons
Price: .61 each

1 Colgate Max Fresh @ $2.65
Used $1.00/1 Internet Printable stacked with $1.50/1 CVS Coupon that was emailed to me
Price: .15

2 RubberMaid Containers @ $1.91 each (40% off)
Used $1/1 Printable coupons
Price: .91 each

ALSO USED $5/$50 Kmart Competitor Coupon plus Publix $5/50 Promo (through January 4th you can wear any Falcon's Football Apparel and instantly receive $5 your order of $50 when you ask)

Total after Sales and Coupons:


88% Savings!

Total Annual Budget: $5200

Used: $15.08

Remaining: $5184.92

Total YTD Savings: $102.35

Be sure to check with Sarah over @ Fiddledeedee for the coupons match-ups this week!

Also Check out The Original Grocery Gathering for other stores in your area!


What great deals did you find this week?


Anonymous said...

Please forgive me, but I am new to this whole coupon thing...I'm trying to understand what you did with your Publix shopping trip. You were able to use other store coupons at Publix? Like the Food Lion, Target, CVS, etc....I thought you could only use those coupons at that particular store. Please help me understnad what you did! I want in on the fun!

Lissa said...

Hi Ashley! I'm glad to hear from you! Our local Publix accepts competitor coupons. The next time you go into Publix ask to speak to a Store Manager. This person will be able to tell you whether or not you are able to use competitor coupons in your store along with other policies they may have on coupon usage! Each store has different coupon policies! It is up to the discretion of the store managers on what they will accept or not accept! If your store DOES accept competitor coupons you will want to be sure to check back on the 9th for my "In Depth" explanations of how to maximize your savings with the use of competitor coupons! AND YES IT IS SOOOO MUCH FUN! I love Publix! It is my #1 store! It was wonderful to hear from you! I hope we can talk again! Please feel free to leave any comments as I try to answer them as quick as I can! Thanks a million, Lissa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding so quickly. Actually, I don't have a Publix here. I am in Kentucky and I am near a Walmart, Kroger and Sav-a-lot. I know WAlmart will match a competitor's advertised price, but don't know if they accept their coupons. I need to call and ask. What site do you get your printable coupons from? Coupon.com? And do you know of any other sites besides shortcuts.com and p&g.com that I can upload coupons onto my Kroger card?
Does the staff at Publix dread every time you come through the line with all those coupons?! lol
I just cannot believe you got $117 worth of stuff for $15. Absolutely amazing!

Lissa said...

Ashley...I found the perfect article for you! Go to www.freebies4mom.com and take a look at her article on Kroger E-Coupons! She did a wonderful job of explaining the ropes! I think it will be really helpful to you!

Lissa said...

As for the rest...I get my coupons from everywhere on the web! coupons.com, smartsource.com and the actual manufacturers website! There are tons of places to get them! Be on the look out over the next few weeks! I plan to do an article on all of the main sites that offer coupons along with web sites that offer coupon databases for you to use! This article will be very helpful to all!

Believe it or not...the Publix staff gets excited when I come in! They all have bets on me every Tuesday to see what my total will be for that shopping trip! I practically no everyone in all of my local grocery stores and drug stores! The publix store manager will come over while I'm checking out if he is there that day! He loves it! I actually promote Publix for him because I love them! Most people don't shop there because overall they are higher on their shelf prices compared to Walmart and other stores! They are a hidden treasure for those of us who have them...this past Saturday I took some people over there with me for a field trip to show them how much you can get for pennies on the dollar!

Do you have anyone in town with you that does coupons? I know that you said you were a beginner! Trust me when I say that there is one of me in every town! You just have to find them! You could possibly start with the local churches to see if anyone has a coupon club like we do here in town! If not...maybe it's something you would be interested in starting yourself! I don't know your background...but if you email me I can give you some tips on starting one yourself! I really believe that support is one of the main things that helps an individual keep on track with coupons! When you are with others who want to save as you do...it makes it more fun!

Let me know if that is something you are interested in finding more about!

Hey...what another perfect helpful article to write! "How to start your own coupon club"! See...even as a beginner...you can be an inspiration to others!

Thanks, Lissa

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