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Saturday, March 21, 2009

$100 Weekly Budget Adjustment Announcement

Ok...here is what I have decided to do!

Starting in January I set a $100 weekly budget for my family of 6. My brother and his family moved in due to a lay-off and he was blessed with finding work and getting their own place again!

I have decided to drop my budget back down to $50 per week for the 3 of us.

I have set back money ($619.14) over the last few weeks (by not buying hardly anything except the necessities) to bulk back up on my meat purchases and for future purchases explained below. I was able to find some great meat deals at Kroger last week to start off my additions to the freezer. I was able to score FREE Pork Chops and .10 ground beef at Publix that week also! Off to a great start!

Here is where I stand currently...

Total Annual Budget: $5200.00 ($100/week)

YTD Spending: $480.86

YTD Remaining: $4719.14

Total YTD Savings: $2500.28

We are already 11 weeks into this year. At $100 per week that's $1100 (which I am way under) that I had budgeted.

I will budget $50 per week for the remainder of the year starting on March the 22nd. At that point we will have 41 weeks left in the year.

I will add the $1100 for the first 11 weeks and the $2050 for the remainder of the year to come up with a total annual budget of $3150 instead of the $5200!

Note: Their is a possibility that I may go over in my weekly budget the closer we get to my husband's lay-off month of June. Once he is laid off I plan to have at least 4 months worth of everything in stock (except meat/cheese/produce/ etc) JUST IN CASE! I am way under budget for the year and have this money put back for just this occasion. Right now I am sitting at a surplus of $619.14 and this should be plenty to work with or to use in another area if we deem necessary!

I plan on writing an article over the next few weeks to show how we are preparing for this big pay-cut and how we are prepared to survive without loosing anything.

I think that this would be a good article for you to read and for you to share! I will show you the preparations that we have taken in the past...current...and what we plan to do once he is laid off to possibly help you be prepared for the same if you are put in this situation!

Always think positive...but be prepared for the worst!


Suzanne said...

You are AWESOME!! I can't wait to follow your updates.

Lissa said...

Thanks for commenting on this article! I am really excited about writing it! So many people are facing this big scare...being laid off!

Unfortunately AND fortunately we have been through one lay-off with this company a little over 7 years ago!

We were totally unprepared but made it through! I was actually pregnant with our daughter (she was due in March and he was laid off the week before Christmas). I think being through it once before has made me more aware that everyone is disposable at any job...and this was a big reality check for us. Although we haven't been perfect finance experts the entire time...we definately have learned how to prepare!

I look forward to writing the articles and am still working on how I want to present this information but I assure you that the information will definitely be helpful!

Thanks again for writing!

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