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Friday, January 9, 2009

Publix Secrets Revealed! Learn How To Maximize Your Savings!

Please note that this information could be true for your local Publix Grocery Store but I cannot verify any of this information for any other Publix store other than the one located here in Cartersville, GA!

Paula wrote in and asked about using Food Lion and Walgreens Coupons at our local Publix! I though that this was great information to share with all of the locals and other individuals who have Publix store that accept competitor coupons!

This is not something that Publix advertises on their corporate site and each store has their own rules!

Our Local Publix Accepts Coupons From The Following Competitors

Kroger - Food Lion - Target - KMart - Walgreens - CVS - Rite Aid - Dollar General - Family Dollar

Make sure that you go to each of the listed stores and sign up to receive emails. Often they will send you coupons that you can use at Publix!

Using Food Lion Competitor Coupons:
How To Navigate Food Lion FLIPS on HotCouponWorld

Each week I check hotcouponworld for the newly released Food Lion Internet Printable Coupons t0 see if there is anything for me to use!

You can check it out here...

This link will bring up several different posts on topics at Food Lion that the members are talking about! What you want to look for is the most recent post on "FLIPS" (food lion internet printables). Occasionally the forum moderator will combine the FLIPS into one post and call it the FLIP Organizer! You can go here to view the FLIP Organizer! Please note that this will not always be updated so it is best that you check the original link I gave above to make sure that you are not missing out on any coupons! There are new coupons each week!

VERY IMPORTANT TIP ON FLIPS: Once you click on the link that they have provided you will only be able to use that link ONCE from your computer! YOU CAN print as many as you would like once you hit the "PRINT" button. (You printer preferences window will pop up and ask you how many copies you want!) The amount that you print is totally up to you. They key is, for example, if you choose to print the $1/1 Quaker Oatmeal coupon that doesn't expire until 1/13 and you know Publix is going to have it on sale for BOGO you would want to print out multiples of this set of coupons! The coupons themselves say that only one can be used at a time in one transaction but our local store allows you to use 2 at a time!

I ALWAYS check these before I go shopping each week at Publix to see if there is something that I can use! Sometimes there are $2 off Produce or $1/ Food Lion Eggs. If the coupons say that it is for a Food Lion brand product they can be used on a Publix brand product!

Using Walgreens Competitor Coupons:
Weekly Ad Coupons and EasySaver Coupons

And Walgreens...well...I use to throw out the weekly ad until a few months ago. Anytime there is a $/$$ coupon in the ad, Publix will take it! This week is pretty slim pickin's. Another thing is that they will take the Walgreens Monthly E-saver Rebate Catalog coupons also. I had my brother pick me up a few of the catalogs on his way into town from a Walgreens in Acworth the other day BUT you can print them from walgreens.com also if you don't have access to a local store.

You can go here directly to the PDF Catalog!

I suggest that you go here to Walgreens.com to sign up for their emails! They will send out coupons for $/$$ occasionally and you will be one of the first to get one instead on relying on another site to post it up!

NOTE: You cannot use a coupon from their weekly ad for a sale price (ex. Hunt's tomato sauce 3/$1) They consider this "Price matching" and they will not honor it! Only the $/$$ coupons!

Using CVS Competitor Coupons:
Email Coupons & Scanner/Receipt Coupons

You can also use ANY CVS Coupons there!
I always check IHeartCVS weekly to see what coupons have been released!
Here is the shortcut to the link of current CVS coupons! This list is updated each week as new coupons are constantly being added!

Note: You can also use any of the coupons that print out at the bottom of your CVS Receipts. Often there will be ones for products that you can purchase at Publix. Our local CVS has a scanner located in the middle of the store on the seasonal aisle. Be sure that you scan your CVS card each time you go to the store to see what coupons you have! Many will match up with current or future CVS deals or can be used at Publix!

Here is an example of one that I used this past Saturday!

CVS had a $1.50 off Colgate Maxfresh coupon that was emailed to me. I wasn't sure how much Publix charged for them but I printed it and took it in because I also had a $1/1 internet printable coupon from the Colgate website! It turned out that Publix had the Maxfresh toothpaste for $2.65 and I got it for just .15! I know that through CVS...toothpaste is one of the things that you can get plenty of for free but for .15 I couldn't pass it up!

They also still have a $3/$15 that Publix will accept and a $3/ANY CVS Pharmacy Brand Item!

Using Rite Aid Competitor Coupons
Home Mailers & Weekly Ad Coupons

Be sure to sign up with RiteAid.com to receive emails! Registering with the site will give you access to coupons for their members!

ALWAYS check the weekly ad for $ off product coupons. A couple of weeks ago they had $2 off Chips Ahoy Cookies. Rite Aid had them for almost $5 per pack. Publix sells them for $2.63 and guess what...I got them for .63 that week!

Using Target Coupons

Target releases occasional coupon in the regular coupon inserts. You can go to hotcouponworld here to view the Target Coupon Generator. This program is set up so that you can enter the number of coupons you would like to print . YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO ACCESS THE COUPON GENERATOR. Once you registered and on the main page you will go to "National Chain Stores", scroll down and select "Target", and click on the links that are for the Target Printable coupons!

Family Dollar and Dollar General

Make sure that you are on their mailing list along with being signed up to receive emails! Occasionally they will send out product coupons and $/$$ coupons that you can also use!


You can only use 2 coupons on the same item in the following manner...

  • #1 - You can stack a Manufacturer Coupon WITH a Publix Coupon
  • #2 - You can stack a Manufacturer Coupon WITH a Competitors Coupon
  • #3 - You can stack a Publix Coupon With a Competitor Coupon

$/$$ Rules:

  • You can only use 1 $/$$ coupon per transaction. It can be $3/15 CVS or $5/50 KMART (sign up with their email newsletter and they will automatically send you one to print out!).
  • You CANNOT Stack 2 $/$$ coupons even if it's from separate competitors.

Internet Printable Rules:

Publix will accept most internet printable coupons from sites such as coupons.com or smartsource.com etc.

These are the exclusions:

  • Any coupon that is for a "free" item
  • Buy One Get One Free Coupons
When You have too many coupons the registers beep at Publix and the Managers have to come over to enter a number sequence to unlock it and allow the cashier to continue scanning your coupons! I haven't quite figured it out yet but I think that there is 2 ways this happens! If you have more than 25 coupons AND/OR your number of coupons is higher than the number of items you have purchased (kind of like CVS).

Using competitor coupons is one of the main reasons that I am able to save a constant 70% or more at Publix each week! Combining this method with the BOGO sales yields the highest savings that can only be done at this store! No other store in town accepts competitor grocery coupons!

Publix is my #1 store!

Many people that I teach my classes to, or just simply talk to, think that Publix is too high on their prices to shop for groceries there. This is true in one sense...but ONLY if you purchase the items at the regular shelf price. Walmart DOES have the lowest shelf price on many items and that is why most people do their shopping there! I use to be a Walmart shopper myself...before the coupons came along for me! In the last year I have only gone to Walmart 5 maybe 6 times and only to get things free with my coupons!

Be sure to check out my Publix Shopping trips here, here, here, here, and here (just to name a few) to see how much you can really save at Publix!

Don't Miss Out On The Weekly Deals Either! Check those out here each week! Let me help you save 70% or more by showing you the greatest deals each week!

If you live close to or in Cartersville, GA go here to check out our monthly coupon club information!

If you are local and would like me to give a coupon class to your local organization or to take a one-on-one coupon crash course go here for the details!

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